Kahnawake and Antigua Reach a Jurisdictional Deal

Under the online casino licensing agreement that has been made between the two bodies, licensees will now be able to host their servers in either jurisdiction.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) states that a holder of a “primary license” in one jurisdiction can apply for an “inter-jurisdictional authorization” with the other. In other words, this inter-jurisdictional alliance will allow licensees based in either Antigua and Barbuda or in Kahnawake to move their businesses.

This alliance may prove to be highly beneficial to both sides of the agreement. Mohawk Internet Technologies houses the servers used by all online casinos like https://playcanadacasino.com/ignition-casino/ that are licensed in Kahnawake and this agreement is certain to provide more business to them. At the same time, Antigua and Barbuda will now be able to benefit from the technology provided by Mohawk Internet Technologies.

It may take some time to iron out the details of the agreement as there are some inconsistencies between the two jurisdictions that may cause some confusion to licensees.

Kahnawake and Antigua Reach a Jurisdictional DealAntigua is a white-listed jurisdiction which means that the operators that are based there are able to legally advertise in the UK. Kahnawake, however, is not white-listed and so does not enjoy the same benefits. It also does not have the backing of the local government in Quebec, Canada.

Murray Marshall, the general counsel for the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has stated that “Antigua’s white list is only a benefit to Antigua’s licensees.” He is said to have noted that this situation may result in “an unprecedented degree of flexibility for licensing.”

The deal will come into effect in September, giving the two jurisdictions a couple of months to complete the necessary amendments to their current regulations.