Marvel-Cryptologic dispute has been settled

Marvel-Cryptologic dispute has been settledCryptologic signed an agreement with Marvel Enterprises in 2005 that made them the “sole, world-wide developer of Marvel-branded Internet casino games.” The dispute came about, when in 2008, Marvel Enterprises signed a similar agreement with Playtech, which allowed them to produce games based on the Marvel brand.

The new agreement between Cryptologic and Marvel Enterprises states that the licensing of the Marvel characters will be non-exclusive. This is a major blow to Cryptologic who originally held exclusive rights. There are however amendments to the agreement that are in favor of Cryptologic There will be a reduced cost to Cryptologic for the non-exclusivity. In addition, the agreement will be expanded to include the mobile phone platform, to create new games and to provide games in hotel rooms.

The two companies will continue to work together to create new games with titles including The Avengers. Old games will be redesigned to work on mobile gaming platforms. An additional year will also be added to the agreement, taking it to the beginning of 2014. The two sides appear satisfied with the settlement that has been reached.

Since Cryptologic signed their original agreement with Marvel Enterprises, they have produced 17 Marvel slots titles. These include Spiderman, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and many more.

Playtech has produced 8 Marvel slots titles since they began producing Marvel slots games in 2008. Their titles include Blade, daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Punisher and X-Men.

The Cryptologic Marvel slots games are closely based on the Marvel comic superhero characters, whereas the Playtech Marvel slots games are more closely based on the recent Marvel movies that have been made.